Thank you for stopping by. Tony’s wants to be involved in your fundraising.

Our innovative approach to fundraising allows us to partner with your organization and assist you in raising funds over the long-term. Fundraising with Tony’s is easy. Once we commit to your organization, you simply pick available slots from the calendar and a predetermined percent of selected night(s) proceeds will be donated to your organization. How easy is that? All you need to do is get people from your organization to Tony’s on the selected night(s). We handle the rest.


Q: Can I get a cash donation from Tony’s?

A: No, because of the volume of requests we receive, we limit our participation to In-Kind and product donations.

Q: Who does Tony’s donate to?

A: We donate to a wide variety of groups and activities. We especially like to help out our regular guests and the groups they work with; schools, youth activities, youth sports, and cultural and civic groups get highest priority. Although Tony’s is not able to participate in all requests due to the volume of requests we receive.

Q: If Tony’s agrees to help me raise funds for my group, how does it work?

A: First select a date or dates to be your fundraising days. Then work with us to promote and get as many people into Tony’s to participate in the fundraising event. Your friends and family sign in at the Host Stand and tell our staff they are here to help raise funds for your group. At the end, you present your receipt, we total the dollars spent and write a check for the agreed percentage to your group. Simple enough.

Q: Can I select more than one day?

A: Yes, of course. We want you to be as successful as possible.

Q: Is there a limit?

A: Only as limited as the number of people you bring in to participate.

Q: Does Tony’s give out raffle donations like gift certificates?

A: Yes. Those requests are handled in the same way, although we have a limited supply of certificates that are available each month. Requests for gift certificates or product donation must be received one month prior to the event for consideration.

In order for us to fully understand your project and how we can be involved, we need a bit more information from you. Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as you can. Someone will be in touch with you to work out the details.

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